Karoliina Oksanen

Hi! I am a Toronto-based software engineer currently working on back-office trading systems at Wealthsimple.

Previously, from June 2017 to September 2018, I was working as a software development consultant at Avanade (and Infusion, which was acquired by Avanade in 2017). I did mostly front-end development with Angular, but also wrote APIs using Java and Spring.

I moved to Canada from my native Helsinki, Finland, in January 2014, and graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a B.Sc. (Honours) degree in Computer Science in the spring of 2017. Previously I've studied classical viola at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, and more recently Engineering Physics at the Aalto University School of Science in Espoo, from where I obtained a Bachelor's degree.

During the final year of my studies at MUN, I worked with Dr. Ting Hu at Memorial University as a part-time research assistant. Our research focused on using Linear Genetic Programming on metabolomic data samples from osteoarthritis patients, with the goal of discovering efficient classification models.

From May 2015 to August 2016 I worked as a Web Developer Intern at Amec Foster Wheeler in St. John's, Newfoundland. I used Javascript, C#, Python and React, developing GIS web applications for iceberg tracking and weather forecasting.


Linear Genetic Programming

Both my B.Sc. Honours project and the research with Dr. Hu involved the use of Linear Genetic Programmin (LGP). Using the Julia programming language, I have developed a LGP program that can utilize a few different mutation operators and fitness functions for evolving symbolic regression and classification models.

Algorithmic Problems

In my free time I enjoy solving algorithmic, programming competition style problems on sites like UVa Online Judge, Kattis and HackerRank. As of December 2017, I've solved 88 problems on UVa.

In November 2017 I achieved 4th place in the first annual Avanade programming contest, among over 500 participants spanning many Avanade offices all over the world. My goal is to keep improving my programming and algorithmic thinking skills by continuing to solve problems of increasing difficulty.


You can find me on GitHub and LinkedIn.